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2016 : We pray to be a blessed and Happy year

Posted on January 15, 2016 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (6)

Our heavenly Father,

At eve of the new year;

We pray and ask to be a Blessed and Happy year for the school board, administration and students. 

We pray for peace in the Holy Land, the Middle East, Europe, America and the whole world. 

We pray for the poor and needy children, give us the ability and capability to help them.

We pray for the sinners, those who lost their way; let them come back, leave the darkness and live under your light.

We pray for the sick people to be healed and to remove all kind of sickness from their bodies and their souls. 

We pray for your lovers who face financial crisis or social plights or have been jailed and repented; to put your hands over them all and direct their lives to depart their crisis and glorify Thee.  

in Thy name we ask 


Work at cafeteria garden is almost finished

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The cafeteria garden project is going to be an attractive addition to the Hope School property. Our Quaker friends are sponsoring the project, which will include an irrigation system, plants including green grass, and picnic tables. When it is completed it will be a welcoming place for students and visitors with their children to sit and enjoy a meal. As it is planned, the garden will be opened to the public in the afternoon; people from the surrounding area can enjoy using the properties fit to the whole family.

Insulating the roof of the school building

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Based on the generous fund and donations from Hope school friends, we were able to tackle one of the urgent school problems. over the past years, the school classes suffered of water-proofing mainly in winter. The water was dropping into the classes, the staff room and the corridor. This year we prayed and tried our best to raise fund to tackle the problem. We were sure that God will not let us down for He said: "Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you". Finally, our prayers were answered. The project included insulating the Southern Building's roof with a surface of 320 m2 in a very professional way including; primary layer, hot asphalt layer and stretching and melding Isolating rolls. Work has been finished in four working days with 10 years guarantee. Hope school would like to thank all those who scarified to find a convenient and comfortable place for our students.

In memory of late Principal Mr. Solomon Nour

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On August 5th, each year, Hope school family, including the BOD’s, staff, students and all our school friends locally and overseas, will always remember, the school late principal, Mr. Solomon Nour who passed away while he was on top of his job. This year the BOD’s thought of generating and issuing a special edition of the school newsletter in memory of his death.

On behalf of the BOD’s and school staff and employees, I would like to convey my heartfelt solidarity and deep feelings to Mr. Solomon’s family; to his brothers and sisters, to his daughters, Leila and Sara and to all his friends in Beit-Jala and all over the world.

The death of any loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences. What if the deceased was the father, the brother and the leader to the teachers, students, visitors, guests and all those who were involved at Hope school?? Mr. Solomon was the main pillar of the school and the whole Ministry.

I am asking our Heavenly Father to keep our late principal in His presence, forgive his sins and anoint him with righteousness and the Holy Spirit. For He said: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Amen.

Khader Saba



Teen Mission leaves Hope School

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Due to the prevailed situation in the Holy Land, Teen Mission group break up their regular mission, one week before their scheduled time. They left with love and peace to get back to their homes in the United States. We have no other words but to confirm our gratitude for the great work they made at Hope school. We pray that they will arrive at their home safely. they left full of passion and love.

We at Hope school highly apreciate the spirit of giving they have. Thank you Teen Mission. 

Traditional Brunch at Hope school

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Today is Saturday July 12th, 2014. Hope school invited our dearest friends; faithful Teen Mission Group, distinguished guests Roxana Obrien and her Mom Karen, and our sincere friend Linda Whittaker to share in a brunch meal at 10:00 am. Falafel and bread covered with sesame in addition to Olive oil and Za'tar (thyme) as well as tomato.

It is the best local traditional meal. At first Mr. Issam (one of the local volunteers) explained how and what to eat the meal.

Mr. Saba, the chairperson of Hope Board, expressed his heartfelt feelings regarding the great job done by Teen Mission, he said: "this is the first year I serve at Hope school and I was very excited by the faithful commitment of the team and the hard work they are doing. No word can express our gratitude to TMI for their perfect job they are doing at Hope school." He asked the group to accept the humble gift (Tshirt per each) that was prepared by Hope school


Teen Mission is doing great job at Hope school

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Teen Mission is doing great Job at Hope school. a group of 26 including 4 leaders, started their regular mission at hope school this summer. They almost finshed more than 1500 working hours doing hard work in varous projects. Their main project is to build up the walls of the laundry secion. The product is perfect, done in a professional way and quality assurance. Their leaders are very strict, yet affectionate. The maestro; Mr. Richard and Mrs. Gina are so vigilant and hard-workers. We are lucky with such group who left their homes, families and came from overseas to help our children and ministry at large. Once again we are very gratitude to all those who can give without waiting to recieve for " I have showed you all things, how that so laboring you ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive". Acts 20:35. 

Thank you Teen Mission 

A Trip to Mega Land

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On Saturday the 5th of April at 7:30 a.m. two big buses were filled with Hope School students and staff on a school trip headed towards Jericho and the Mega Land amusement park in Tulkarem.


The school trip was an amazing experience for both the staff and the Students.

The first station where the buses stopped was at the old city of Jericho where the students enjoyed sightseeing and wondering around the city. The bus then made its way towards the north to the city of Tulkarem where they enjoyed all kinds of rollercoaster's; the swing boat, the Chair plane, 5D cinema and much more.


Both the staff and students enjoyed themselves and we all didn’t want to go back home.


The trip was a successful trip, the students were wonderful, the older students took care of the younger ones and helped the teachers a lot.


We all reached home at around 8:00 in the evening safe and sound!


We are glad we made this school trip possible, and made an unforgettable pleasant day for our students.



Send your feedback

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We cordially ask our friends to provide us with their feedback about the school webpage. Please do not hesitate to send your input; suggestions, advices, recommendations to develop our webpage so as to satisfy our readers. 

Many Thanks in advance 


Hope school award the mothers in Mother's day

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In a humble celebration that took place at the school chapel, the school management team conducted today a humble celebration to award the mothers in the mother's day. A simple gift was given to each working mother.  There are 8 working mothers at Hope school: Jihan, Laial, Toula, Karmen, Linda, Hilda, Jemie and Manal. At the begining of the celebration, the principal made a small speech about the Mother's day and then the students expressed their feelingstowards their mothers and towards their teachers. By the end of the celebration, the teachers were awarded a small gift by the BOT's.