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Hope school in the eyes of our friends

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Progress at Hope School

Linda Whittaker writes from Jerusalem:

This year has seen much progress at Hope School in Beit Jala, West Bank. The school cafeteria, a project funded by Embrace the Middle East (formerly Bible Land), and equipped and furnished by a Quaker grant obtained through Sunderland Meeting, is thriving now, a focal point for the children during breaks. Our next step will be to build a “bustan” (a traditional Palestinian garden, with grapevines, fruit trees and aromatic herbs), in order to make the

grounds around the cafeteria attractive as a café after school, serving the local people of Beit Jala. The grounds have some fine old pine trees

to provide shade, and a cistern for collecting rainwater; around these a bustan can be built in a second year continuation of the Sunderland grant.


Meanwhile there were major administrative changes in the school. A new steering committee was formed, and through the committee, a new Chairperson was obtained for the school, Mr. Khader Saba. A director at EJ-YMCA, he is well trained in business administration, and promptly got to work raising funds and restructuring the school. A new headmistress was hired, who has a doctorate in special education. A fresh breath of air has come through the school and there is a feeling of optimism for the first time in many years.

Mr. Saba has already managed to raise to fix the leaking roof of the building, and is now working on a project to develop a kindergarten, which will serve the local town and villages, and also create more income for the school. The demand for private schooling is very high in this part of Palestine, and there are not enough places for everyone who wants to attend them (Moslem as

well as Christian). Thus opening the school to typical children as well as disadvantaged children will fill a local need, and also raise the income of the school towards becoming self-sustaining.

I do believe that Hope School has turned the corner, from a struggling institution which could not pay its teachers and was facing closure, to a school which has been set on a healthy path for development. Quakers

contributed to this; we came to the school in desperate times, and provided morale support and encouragement which were as important as the small amount of funding we were able to provide. Many Quakers came to visit in the last year, most notably June Hall, who presented a Quaker quilt to the School in the past summer. It is now proudly displayed in the atrium of the school building, a reminder that in difficult times, we were there for them, and we cared. For this the staffs is profoundly grateful and lovingly return our Friendship


Opportunity to Volunteer

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Do you have skills which would benefit the lives of underprivilidged students in the Middle East? Do you like to serve poor children with different culture? Do you dream to live in the Holy land for at least three months, sharing poor people their aspirations in building up blossoming future? 

You got the opportunity at Hope school.

Hope school is non-government, non-profit, Christian-based organization, was founded in 1962 to serve poor and underprivilidged chidlren in the Holy Land with regardless to their background, culture, color or religion. Hope school is looking for a dedicated individual with experience in website building, graphic design, social media, video production, and photography to work for a certain time at the school offices on voluntarily basis.

The applicant should have excellent creative IT skills and some experience of working with the media. Accommodation including three meals will be provided at the school Guest House.  

General Assembly endorses the three-year Strategic Plan

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On the first of March, 2014 the General Assembly (GA) has convened to discuss the newly generated strategic plan (2014-2016)  which drew up the school road map for the next three years. The GA discussed in details the new development and progress that took place at Hope school since the last election in October 29th, 2013. By the end of the meeting the GA came out with the following decisions:

1- Confirm the main five strategies included in the Strategic plan including: Firstly;Capitalization of the school own resources through focusing on income generating projects. Secondly: Endorsement of the new organizational structure and system that will ultimately create a coherent management team. Thirdly: Enhancing the school sustainability and capacity through starting up Hope Kindergarten which is expected to start on Septemberm 2014. Fourthly: Imrpoving the school academic performance through improving the students results. Fifthly: Rationalization of the school expenditures and consumption.

2- Endorse the school new structure based on team spirit and collective team-management.

3- The compensation system: the GA decided to stick up to the Palestinian laws and regulations when counting the teachers severance pay and compensation.


UMC Giving Thursday

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Don't  forget Hope Secondary School

UMC Advance no. 12018A

Good News from Hope School

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"But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people." Luke 2:9-11


As we get close to the threshold of Christmas God indeed has brought to us good news, as He sent his angel to the shepherds with good news, He brought to us good news, we thank our Lord for our newly elected board.


On Tuesday the 29th of October at 6:00PM the general assembly had their annual meeting. During the meeting a new board for Hope secondary School was elected. The Seven members for the new board are approved by three governmental ministries: 1. the ministry of interior, 2. the ministry of social welfare and 3. the association of Charitable Societies in Palestine. The new board has already started its duties. The board members are qualified people who have a wide experience in education, organization and ministry work. The board members are:

1. Chairman: Mr. Khader Saba - East Jerusalem / YMCA youth opportunities deputy director

2. Vice chairman: Rev. Bassam Banoura. Rev Bassam is the Rev. of Shepherds field Evangelical Church

3. Treasurer: Mr. William Shaer. Mr. William is very active in social and community work, he is a member of several organizations in the town.

4. Secretary: Mary Zeidan - secretary

5. Member: Nader Abu Amsha – East Jerusalem/ YMCA – rehabilitation program director.

6. Member: Rita Doqmaq : teacher assistant at Al-Quds University

7. Member: Mr. Issa Abu Ghannam : retired head teacher.


A strategic plan will be generated for the next three years in which there is a primary focus on Hope Secondary School's Vision, Mission and Purpose, Resources, Capacities, Governance, Organizational Operations, Development, Financial Operations and Viability, children's educational development, its positive Impact on needy children and Donor relations—among other topics. Follow-up meetings will take place to put this strategic plan into action.


Your prayers and support are very much needed in this new beginning at Hope School. Please pray for us and keep in touch as there are lots of opportunities to be involved in helping our school and ministry. Without your prayers and support our children will lose a second chance of education. We really thank those who have helped us before and we open our doors to those who are willing to help the needy and disadvantaged children in our care.


May God bless you and enrich you in His grace.


Exams and Christmas |Break

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It is officially Christmas time in Beit Jala and the decorations and celebrations are in full swing. The students cannot wait to go on Christmas break but before they do they have to finish their mid term exams. The exams started on the 5th of December and will run until the 22 of December. So far the students have been working very hard studying every day and it has shown in the results. 

In addition to the start of exams, the start of the winter has also come into full swing. The rain has come and the wind is howling off of the hillside here at Hope School and although it is very cold we are managing to stick by our heaters and wood stoves. We are so thankful for all of those that have given money to help us buy heating fuel for the winter, they will never know how much we truly appreciate it.

The staff and volunteers from Hope School wish you a Merry Christmas,  a Happy Hanukah, and wonderful New Years.

-Hope School-

Christmas Gifts

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With the new school year comes new challenges

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Dear Friends and supporters,

"Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return". (Luke, 6:38)

Greetings from Hope School. The new school year 2012/2013 has just started, the playground is filled with old and new faces, each with smiles and hopes for a better future on their faces while the teachers are busy putting new plans, ideas, and preparations to start the educational process.

This school year we have around 90 students, among them we have 15 students at Hope School boarding section. The boarders are supervised by our formal Hope school graduate, Saba, who has taken a job as a housefather to support his University fees. Saba is a wonderful big brother to our boarders. It is always good to see how fruitful our work is through our graduates, to see them taking the right path in life. We accepted 40 new students this year, they are doing well and getting to know the rest of the students.

We wish all the best to the three teachers who have left us to join other schools or retired, we welcome three new teachers in our staff, they are well educated and have University degrees.

The morning devotion is held every school day at the school Chapel. Our aim is to advance the educational abilities as well as the spiritual lives of our students. Our faith is strengthened in difficult times. We, at Hope school are facing a severe financial situation, we have lots of outstanding bills and our loyal teachers are giving the best, at the time of being unpaid for the third month in a row. At Hope School we are one family united by God’s word, we are bound together in difficult times believing that our Lord is standing beside us and will never let us down.

This is a call to each and every one of you, please pray for Hope School, pray for the poor and orphan children in our care, we don’t want to let any child away, we want to continue serving the needy and poor in the name of our savior Jesus Christ. Please ask you church, friends, relatives and neighbors to pray for us at this difficult financial time, we need to hold hands together in prayers.

Our mighty Lord has done miracles in Hope School, from such a small school in its beginning to a big high school, with a high reputation within our community. Students who lost hope in other schools join Hope School and from here they graduate with high averages, and are full of Hope, Faith, and better opportunities for the future. From very limited financial recourses, we continue our mission depending on our Lord and our group of believers, to supply our needs.

We praise our Lord Jesus Christ for all His blessings towards our school and mission. We thank you deeply for your prayers and support.

Please pray for the following:


  • pray for us to be able to provide food for our students at the boarding section
  • to be able to pay the teachers salaries
  • to be ble to get fuel for heating the bedrooms in the cold damp winter
  • to pay the outstanding bills
  • to strengthen our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ always, to pass His message to all the children in our care

To help a child get a chance at an education and from preventing him/her from street life. To provide a warm, caring and loving home at Hope school boarding section. We welcome your Donations and checks to the following:

Hope Secondary school
P. O. Box 19208
Tel: 972- 2- 2742268
Fax: 972 – 2 – 2744332

May God bless you all.

Laila Nour (overseas, sponsorship and fundraising)
Rock Rock ( Chairman, Director)


Our Late Headmaster, Solomon Nour

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   Most of you have already heard the sad news from Hope School.  Solomon Nour, the headmaster for many years, passed away in his sleep on August 5. His death was unexpected and a tremendous loss to both his family and to Hope School.

   Anyone who visited Hope School in the past several decades knew Solomon. His tireless efforts brought the school into the 21st century with modern science and computer labs, access for disabled students, and literary and scientific curricula.  He developed and expanded the chicken farm to produce funds for day-to-day school expenses, freeing sponsor donations to go directly to student education.  The wide base of sponsors he developed, both individuals and organizations, kept the ministry going, as did his own personal financial contributions.  His warmth and welcoming smile always gave visitors a sense of home-coming that will bemissed.


       Please pray for his soul to be among Angels in Heaven.