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A Swedish Group

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A Swedish group for the city of Kungalv, on the West Coast of Sweden, near Gothenburg are visiting the school for ten Days. The group are school children from the school of  Mimers Hus, and consists of six young teenagers (16-18 years old) in addition to two leaders  (Robin Andersoon and Emma Alfredsson).


The students are volunteers with a burning passion to help those in need and work for a good cause, they are painting the walls and whitewashing the classrooms preparing them for the next school year in September.


They also want  to understand the conflict between Israel-Palestine and the Arabic culture "for real", so we, at Hope School, have been arranging for them to visit our students at their homes, and get a close look at the Palestinian daily life.


At  Hope Secondary School the group have been  good taken care of in every way possible, by the working staff and the principle Solomon Nour.


"The experience so far has been wonderful and filled with ever-lasting memories! "  Says Robin, the group leader.





News from Hope School graduates

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 June, 2011

 Dear Friends,

 Greetings from Hope School.

 On Thursday 9th, June, nine children from Hope School graduated from Bethlehem University, got their B. A. degree with high averages. They are:

 1.     Carol Saba Thalabi / Science – Chemistry

2.     Elias Hanna Hathweh / Computer Science

3.     Odeh Ibrahim Sarras/ Accounting

4.     Odeh Jamal Rizqallah / Physiotherapy

5.     Laila Sameetr Kattan / Physiotherapy

6.     Mirna Naem Hodali / Education

7.     Atalla Hanna Qassis / Hotel management

8.     Jad Khalil Asfour / Business studies

9.     Saliba Anton  Lidawi / Business studies

 We are happy for those children and proud of our school… your prayers and support, to those children when they were at Hope School, made a lot of positive change in their lives.

 Before coming to Hope School, they had no hope, the school teachers and administration did their best, to give them the best education. The daily service in the school chapel filled their hearts with faith and hope.

 Now, they are successful young men and women, your prayers and support, made this success.

 We are deeply  thankful to you for investing in their lives....Thankful, for sharing with us to help those children, once had no hope,  but now,  the have a bright future, and a better life.....

 Your prayers, gives us courage to continue our mission, in caring and educating for others , who still live without hope , to boost  their morals, for love, peace, success and hope......


We don't invest in building, or material things,. We invest human beings, in lives of those destitute children, Christians and Muslims alike, to show them the love of our LORD JESUS CHRIST regardless of race, religion or colour of skin.


Our practical love to them is to rescue them from ignorance and bring them to knowledge, to take them from darkness into plant the seeds of faith of the Lord in their hearts, so when they become adults they can feel the love of JESUS CHRIST.

 We, at Hope School, value you, and appreciate your kind support; you are a faithful friend to our school and ministry.

 Praying to our LORD to bless you always.


 In Christ,

Solomon Nour

Hope School





Hope School Graduation

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On the 29th of May Hope School celebrated the forty- first Commencement ( of the 12th grade) and the fiftieth anniversary at the Orthodox Benevolent Society hall –Beit Jala.                                                     


The celebration was attended by various honoredquests; the Mayor of Beit Jala, a representative from the president office, the Ministry of Education office, Rachel Friesen and Bassem Thabet from the Mennonite Central Committee office in Jerusalem, and the representatives and heads of various societies in the area, as well as the parents and friends.


The processional started the celebration led by at the Orthodox Scouts back pipes, and then the student Maram Salman did some reading from the Holy Bible.


The master of Ceremonies teacher Khalil Mukarker welcomed the guests and Mr. Rock Rock the Arab Charitable society board chairman gave a speech to the graduates wishing them all the best in thefuture.. A word from the graduates in Arabic was presented by the student Ibrahim Mansour and the word from the graduates in English was addressed by the Student Marcelle Ghawali. Both words showed gratitude and thanks to the principal and the teachers for helping them enhail  the best education and knowledge for a better and brighter future.


Celebrating fifty years of Hope School  establishment was a great event to us at Hope Schooland to the representatives of the Mennonite Central Committee who mentioned in their words the role the Committee played in the establishment of the schooland in the aid the local people since 1949.


In his speech, the principal Solomon Nour, gave his advice and encouragement to the gradates to continue their educational life which enables them to maintain a better future for them, their families, and the society. He also congratulated the parents and thanked the staff and teaches for their dedicated work. A special thanks was for the donors and supporters of the school who without their help and prayers the school wouldn’t be able to go on.


 Between the speeches the student Qais AlAraj presented two musical pieces on his violin, and the choir of Saint George ( Beit jala)sang different songs  which was very inspirational and lovely.


The presentation of diplomas was at the end of the ceremony, where the school principal, Board Chairman and the Representative from the Ministry of Education office and the Mayor of Beit Jala presented each student his certificate as well as a small gift from the school.

The 12th class teacher Nicola Sansour called the student for their certificates and they are:

1.    Ibrahim Mansour                   9. Marcelle Ghawali

2.    Anwar Al Khateeb                 10. Malik Quneis

3.    Jihan Abu Jeries                     11. Maram Salman

4.    Khader AlHathweh                12. May Salman

5.    Dana Ayyad                            13. Maha Salman

6.    Rana Andonia                         14. Nadeem Jaradat

7.    Qais Al Araj                           15. Noura Nosrallah

8.    Linda Maklouf                       16. Yousef Elian



In the evening the students and their parents held a family dancing party where the teachers and staff  were invited.


On the 15th of June those 16 students will be sitting for the government exam, passing this exam means that they will be qualified to have their high school government certificate and continue furthere ducation. It is really a difficult exam, they will be tested in ten different subjects. Please pray for them to pass this exam;  you prayers are very much needed.

Please visit  the Photo gallary for Photos.

Thank You .



Happy Easter

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Easter 2011

Jesus Christ has risen, He is alive!

 The children and staff of Hope School wish you a HAPPY EASTER with love and best wishes.

 May this Easter brings lots of  happiness and joys in your life. We at Hope School tried to bring the happiness and joy to the hearts of Hope School children. The students gathered in the school chapel, where two students read the story of the crucifying and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, then the students of the school sang christian hymns and the praising to the Lord filled the school building. Each student was given an Easter gift from the school to take home and share.

We, at Hope School,  tried to bring the happiness and joy to the hearts of the community of Beit Jala as well. Hope school gave a donation of 3000 eggs from the school's chicken farm to the poor families in the town and to the church of Beit Jala, the church will give  colored eggs to the people after Easter Sunday service.

Please join us in Easter prayers  to or Lord Jesus Christ.  May our Dear Lord protect us, and protect  the needy and poor children of Hope School. Please remember Hope School children in Your prayers.

"I am the resurrection and the life

He that believeth in me, though he were dead,

 yet shall he live" ( John 11:25)

2nd place and the "Sports Manship" trophy

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Hope School won the 2nd place and the "Sports Manship"  trophy in the final game of baskeball agains the Jerusalem  American School of Beit Jala. The game was really exciting, and our team did really well.

Periodic Basket ball games have been going on for more than a month. Six teams have been participating including Hope School team. our team  has been  doing its best, and deserved reaching the 2nd place.

Hope school has a  newly  formed team, they have been  practicing regularly on the school grounds every day.

We congratulate you guys, and wish you the best in the coming league.

Christian Education Lessons

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Rev. John Gibby from  " Mission to Bethlehem" volunteered to give three Christian education lessons to our students  grades 8, 9, 10 on the 19th of this month( April).

his presentation was about two main questions, Who is Jesus? and What did Jesus teach?

 The students, Moslem and Christians, really enjoyed listening to him and there was a diagram on the board explaining the answers to those two  questions, along  with picturs and Bible Verses.

Each student at the end got a picture printed and laminated of the diagram explained on the board, which was very much appreciated.

Rev. John Gibby has been  a friend of the school for more than 20 years, he comes every year and talks to the students about  the Bible and Christian faith.

Thank you Rev. Gibby and we are looking forward to your next visit to Hope School.


School trip to Jericho

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On Saturday April 9 ,  Hope School students and teachers enjoyed the trip organized by the school to Jericho


The bus left Hope school at 8:00 O'clock ,  students enjoyed the way listening to music and singing. the bus stopped first  at the centre of the town where the students saw the old buildings and the traditional market 'souk'.  We spent most of the time at the "Banana Land" park , where the students swam and enjoyed the swings and slides, they also had a go with the car race there, also there was a football (soccer) field and  they palyed their favorite game. The school cook had prepared food and drinks for all the students.

In the afternoon the bus took all to another park in the city, the students relaxed and enjoyed the fountain there.

The teachers were sure that every student reached home safely, and the boarders were so tired, they washed and went straight to bed!

It was a very nice trip with lots of new things to see and know,  excitement, fun, and entertainment. We wish you were with us!.

Basketball Finals Coming Up!

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Our Boys Basketball team has been practicing hard rain or shine and made itto the finals. The game is scheduled for

10AM Friday, April 15th at Catholic Action. Hope you can make it to cheer on the HopeSchool team!

What Came First: The Chicken or the Egg

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This past weekend Hope school was able to get 2000 new chickens thanks to a generous grant from Biblelands Charity. At 28 shekels apiece these chickens are certified healthy and we expect to be able to have another 1800 eggs per day to sell for the school just in time for Easter.

One clever chicken who decided to hideout above the cages

The chicken farm at Hope School helps employ local people and students while providing funds to help run the school. We thank Biblelands for helping us increase our production capacity as in our case the chicken has to come before the egg.

Read more about the Chicken Farm here

Olive Trees at Hope School

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On March 17 a group of 18 students, staff and volunteers from Fountain Valley School located in Colorado, U.S.A. came to Hope School.

After a brief tour they eagerly got their hands dirty and helped plant 40 olive trees in the back of the school grounds. It was a great experience and Hope School thanks the group for the lasting gift that is now growing on our grounds.