Its time to go home, it is hard for me to leave my room at the school's boarding section where I live nine months every year with my peers and our house father.  It is time to go home to spend the Summer vacation. I have to change the daily program which I used to, meet and interact with new peers and eventually live different life. 

I will miss my peers whom I feel they are my brothers, those who come from Hebron Nablus and Bethlehem. We came to the boarding section because we have the same situations and common circumstances at our homes. I will miss the house-father who takes care of all of us. I will miss the teachers who represent the source of knowledge and behaviors for me. I will miss the cooker Linda and her delicious food and finally I will miss The cleaner Mrs. Amro who clean our clothes and makes our life possible.  


It is May, the last month of the academic year 2013 - 2014. Everybody is working hard to do his/her task; the teachers are finalizing their duties and preparing for the final exams, the students are getting  ready to reap the fruits, the Principal is doing her best in preparing for the graduation ceremony, the executive secretary is planning for the coming Summer and other voluntary work to be conducted during the school vacation time and finally, the BOT's strive to make sure all activities and expected consequences are in accordance with the pre-set plans.    


On May 5th, 2014 a group of the World Harvest Church visited the school and met with the students. Sally Berto the Missions & Evangelism Director has made the Chapel day and preached to the students using a very simple technique and engaging all the group in an attempt to embody and translate the ideas in a very attractive way.    

The students as well as the teachers and other staff members, expressed their gratitude for the gifts offered by the visitors per each student. 

By the end of the program the beloved guests visited the various premises of Hope Ministry and expressed their willing to help the school in starting the chicken farm project.

Holy Week in Beit Jala: it is the first time since four years, all Christian denominations celebrate the Easter feast together. It was great week where Christians participated extensively in the feast ceremonies and festivals starting from Monday until Sunday. 

On Saturday, three scout groups representing the Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran Churches in addition to thousands of Christians who gathered near the Orthodox Church building , participated in the ceremony in which they received the lit Candles brought from Jerusalem.  

Three priests representing the three denominations were waiting at the Orthodox Monastery and welcoming the visitors together. This year the celebrations were exceptional; an official delegates representing a German scout group as well as hundreds of Egyptians participated in the ceremonies.  

Thirty-eight Years at Hope School - A long-lasting Career 

It is not a science-fiction or imaginary story; it is a real and truthful career of a faithful teacher who spent more than 38 years at Hope Secondary school. His students became active players in the community and working in various aspects. He is proud that more than 2200 graduates are the fruits of hard-working years.

Mr. Khalil Jeries Muckraker, is a father of three children, started working at Hope school since 1966 when the school was under the governance of Mennonite Central Committee. The Media and Communication Committee at Hope school interviewed Mr. Muckraker and hereby his answers:

Q: What Hope school means to you?

A: Hope school represents the place in which I found respect and gratitude. It is the place where I practiced and enhanced my skills as a teacher. To be a teacher was my dream since my childhood. Hope school made my dream true.

Q: How many students have been graduated since you started working at Hope school?

A: More than 2200 graduates who were armed with the needed knowledge and skills to integrate in the local community. Part of them is very active in the market and became part of the community decision makers.

Q: What makes Hope school a distinctive and unique educational body?

A: Hope school is a second-chance school. It provides a new and vital opportunity for those who lost the first chance and have no-where to go. Furthermore Hope school is combining between day-time students and the boarding students who are orphans or affiliated to broken families.

Q: What are the main challenges that faced you over the past years?

A: there are a lot of challenges that should be taken into consideration at Hope school:

·         How to deal with the new students psychologically and educationally.

·         How to teach and work during the hard times especially during the black days of the first and second Intifada when there were daily incursions, confrontation, and deteriorated political, security and economic situations. It is unforgotten moments when the teachers and the students were not able to reach the school. At that time we made what we call “home learning” when we were contacting students at their homes and deliver the teaching materials to them. We were armed with strong and iron will to convey our message in spite of the mounting difficulties.

·         The challenge to leave the school and accept other job offers.

Q: Do you still have good relations with Hope graduates?

A: Of course, many of my students still contact me. I am very proud that I my students became my friends, they contact me from everywhere and some of them visiting me at the school and at Home. They are contacting from Canada, USA and South America and from Palestine.

Q: Do you think hiring a new Head-mistress was a necessary step and how it affected the educational process?

A: The presence of the Head-mistress has formed a qualitative leap. She proved to be quite decisive person when needed in addition she is very qualified and deserve her post. I am expecting a very blossoming academic future at the school. On the other hand, I would like to thank the BOT’s which proved their capability to lead and run Hope ministry. We have waited long time for such moment when we see the Arab Charitable Society is taking its role in leading the Hope various projects including the school.

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Dear Board of Trustees; Arab Charitable Society – Hope Secondary School Beit Jala

Hereby, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for the faithful efforts and thriving changes that took place at our school over the past few months.

Obviously, the assignment of the headmistress formed a turning point in the school academic process and performance. The newly constructed relations, regulations, instructions, plans and programs have had its immediate impact over the students and the staff as well.

Teachers do appreciate the transparency and objectivity of the BOT’s in running and managing the Hope project. Hanging the monthly budget on the school display-board so as to let everybody access to it, is one of the official indicators of transparency and professionalism. Furthermore, regular payment of our salaries on time and laying down a new incentive program to encourage the teachers and the students have created a new kind of relation between the BOT’s and the staff based on confidence, cooperation, unity and the feeling of certainty and comfort ability.

The teachers as well as the other employees are expecting that the new regime is fair enough to help them and restore part of their rights which were faded over the past years because of the financial crisis.

We always pray for God to protect and bless our school.

Hope School Staff.

This is Dr. Jihan Emaya, the newly assigned principal at Hope school. I am very pleased to carry on the task of leading and managing the school for the coming years. I am sure that working at Hope school is a unique opportunity to fulfill my ambitions to work with needy children.

I have studied English literature and got the B.A degree. Two years later, I got the Diploma certificate in education and psychology. During my work as a teacher I found that there are a lot of students suffer from speech problems or/and academic problems, therefore, I decided to continue my master degree in speech and language pathology. I worked as a teacher and as a speech therapist at the same time. During my work in my own clinic, I realized that most of the speech problems and the academic problems have to do with psychological effects. So, I continued my PhD in mental health.

Recently I have been appointed in the post of Hope School prin

Finally we are very pleased to announce that Hope school has finished its three-year Strategic Plan (2014-2016) which clearly drew up the path, the school is going to follow in the coming three years. The Plan answers a series of inter-related questions; where are we today? Where do we need to be in the future? And finally; how do we get there? 

The BOT's gratefully acknowledges the contribution made by all participants in the strategic planning process and in the completion of the plan's document; We owe a great thanks to Hope school staff, students, parents, and all involved friends, leaders and organizations from abroad and local community.

We acknowledge a special debt to Chairperson Khader Saba who assisted in the designation and facilitation of the strategic planning process; planning and conducting the related meetings and workshops, and finally preparation of this document.

A Special Acknowledgement to our friends; Jeremey Moody, Brian Jolly, Jamie Eyre, Stephen Tunstall and Embrace the Middle East’s Board of Trustees, who triggered, encouraged and supported the idea of generating such plan in their faithful endeavor to develop the performance and outcomes of Hope school.

A special acknowledgement, to our friend Rev. Malcolm Jones, his wife Jennie, Ian Mills, Kathleen Todd as well as the whole staff of Practical Compassion for Destitute Children, who stood firmly behind the new Board of Trustees in their strivin