Education at Hope School  

At Hope School we offer a general curriculum for Grades 7-10. This includes Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Computer Science, English, Arabic, Christian and Muslim Studies and Physical Education. 

Once students reach Grade 11 they are able to choose a Literature or Science based curriculum until graduation. Prior to graduation at the end of Grade 12 our students study hard and write the government final exams.

Despite the difficult backgrounds of some of our students, nearly all of them pass the standardised government exams with very high grades.  Classes have graduated every year despite regional unrest.

Our school has a dedicated computer lab, science rooms, a chapel, dining hall, kitchen, and dormitories to accommodate up to 30 boys.  We also have an outdoor cafeteria and garden for students to enjoy during breaks in the school day.  Three outdoor play areas for soccer, basketball and other games are available for the students.


Our hope is that one day we might build a sports hall for use by our students and the residents of Beit Jala.  This could be used all the year round, and would provide a large space for whole school gatherings and for use by the whole community

In its three year strategic plan, the Board of Directors hopes to enhance the school capacity by adding new classes starting from kindergarten. Several donors have been approached with a well-designed proposal and feasibility study that clearly shows a beneficial impact of a new kindergarten on school sustainability.