Property Location 
With a stay at Hope Guesthouse in Beit Jala, you'll be close to Nativity Church where Jesus Christ was born in a humble place, in the city of David. In addition, it is 20 minutes away from the old city of Jerusalem. Bus No. 21 from Jerusalem will drive you directly to the main gate of the School / Guest House. 

Make yourself at home in one of the 6 available weatherized and a well-conditioned rooms. Rooms are located beside the school boarding section so you may have the opportunity to meet and interact with Palestinian Christian and Moslem students who live together in peace and harmony under the patronage and care of God’s Love.

Internet and Satellite is available: 

High-speed (wireless) Internet access keeps you connected, and satellite programming is available for your entertainment.

Satisfy your appetite at the dining-room with three meals a day.

Price including breakfast:  

Room Single  19 USD / night 

Room Double 28 USD/ night

Staying at Hope Guest-House is free of charge for our friends and volunteers.